Your Job Has Something Serious to Say About Cataract. You Might Not Like It.

airline pilots cataract

Cataracts are a common ailment among the elderly. Did you know that certain jobs can raise your chances of getting cataracts at an earlier age? Several diseases and medications can increase your chances of developing cataracts as well. In this article we will explore the signs and symptoms of cataracts as well as the common causes and treatments. We will also go into a few ways that you can help to prevent their development while living comfortably in your Capitola beach homes.

Common Causes

As we all know the most common cause for cataracts is aging. Everyone hates to admit, but as we get older things in our bodies tend to change and not for the better. These are called anterior cataracts and are caused by the de-naturation of the lens fluid proteins. Clouding of the lens occurs. This clouding is caused by proteins building up and not letting light pass through the lens. Intense UV rays for the bright sun near your Capitola beach homes is another contributing factor.

Other than aging, there are several factors that can cause cataracts. A family history can cause you to have cataracts earlier in life. They can also be caused by eye injury and certain types of head trauma. Glass blowers and airline pilots are more susceptible to cataracts because of the nature of their jobs.


The clouding of the lens can cause a wide variety of symptoms. In the early stages you can have near-sightedness as the only symptom that you show. As the disease progresses you may experience foggy vision, faded looking colors, double vision, a struggle to read normal text, or a decreased sensitivity to light. The decreased sensitivity to light is a double whammy because one of the things that can cause cataracts are UV rays from the Sun. If you aren’t as sensitive, you may not wear sunglasses and expose yourself to more rays that will, in turn, worsen your cataracts. All of these symptoms can make driving near your Capitola beach homes very dangerous.


The only completely successful treatment for cataracts is surgery. This is a surgery that has been practiced for centuries. The ancient Hindus seem to have pioneered the procedure in the 6th century B.C. They would open the lens and push the cataract out of the line of vision and soak the eye in warm butter. Infection was a definite issue until the Romans got into the game. An Iraqi doctor invented the hypodermic needle in 1000 A.D. and used it to fully remove cataracts for the first time.

Modern surgery usually involves the removal of the lens completely. There is very little chance of infection and patients go home the same day. Most people only require the use of reading glasses if they need any vision assistance at all. Take full advantage of the eye treatment facilities near your Capitola beach homes to keep your vision in the best shape you can for as long as possible.


Although cataracts have no scientifically proven prevention, it is sometimes said that wearing UV-protecting sunglasses may slow the development of cataracts. Regular intake of antioxidants (such as vitamin A, C and E) is thought to be helpful, but there has not been enough study to say for certain. You can ask an herbalist or eye care specialist near your Capitola beach homes.

Eye care specialists near your Capitola beach homes will be able to diagnose and treat any cataract problems you may have. Luckily, today’s eye surgery is very successful and easy on the patient. Here are some helpful links so you can learn more about cataracts and their treatment.