What People in Monterey and Santa Cruz Ought to Know…About these Health Resources

center for disease and control

With all of the information available about diseases, it might seem strange to turn to a Monterey realtor who is offering Monterey homes for sale. Sometimes the best information comes from the strangest sources. What is being offered in this article is a list of some of the most comprehensive information sites that specialize in certain diseases. Each section on a disease contains several very informative sites that you can use to help you understand the disease that is affecting your family.

One disease affects tens of millions of families, including Monterey realtors who are offering Monterey homes for sale, is Alzheimer’s disease. Here are a few reference sites to help you. Each of these sites will give you some very pointed information.:

Alzheimer’s Association
National Institute On Aging: a branch of the National Institute of Health.

Another disease that stalks millions of people around the world is Crohn’s disease. Although not as well known as Alzheimer’s, it is a common digestive disease.

National Institute Of Health
Crohn’s And Colitis Foundation Of America
WebMD: a diet plan for Crohn’s sufferers.

Diabetes is a disease that affects Monterey realtors who are offering Monterey homes for sale and millions of other Americans. This disease is wide spread. There isn’t a country that does not feel the effects of this disease. Each of these sites offer diet recommendations. There are no links to any of the ”diabetes diet” sites because most of them want you to join or pay for their diet plans.

American Diabetes Association
Center For Disease Control
National Institute of Health

doctorThese three diseases are easily the most common in the United States, affecting tens of millions of people across the country. Having said that, there are still dozens of diseases that many people are suffering from and need information about. So, here are several more resources that offer information about many different diseases without trying to get you to buy something or join a club.

National Institutes Of Health
Centers For Disease Control

While an article written by a Monterey realtor offering Monterey homes for sale is not the most common place to find health information; you can find everything you might need at one of the links provided. Good luck with your research.

Gregg Camp, the author, sells Monterey real estate as well as writes on senior topics as an SRES. He also enjoys offering Monterey homes for sale on his Cacoastalhome.com Monterey real estate site.