New Ways to Program your State of Mental Health

gaming-style apps to improve mental health

Gaming-programming concepts can be used to help improve our mental health by providing engaging digital tools designed to ease anxiety and depression for anyone on demand. This is good news for the more than 20 percent of people with mental health problems who may not be receiving the health care they need. Apps now can help you to unwind, to fall asleep and to adopt positive ways of thinking to replace negative thought habits right from your Santa Cruz home.

No Need to Go Without Help Anymore

For people going through depression or anxiety, access to gaming-style apps has proven to improve mental health by as much as 50 percent in a small study group. Usually valued mainly for entertainment, gaming algorithms now also can provide significant mental health support on demand for millions who would otherwise have to go without any care. Apps like IntelliCare from Google include a suite of programs to help motivate you to work more quality of life activities in your day like the app, Daily Feats.
gaming-style apps to improve mental health

Clinical Techniques Used to Reduce Stress and Worry

Apps like these are based on techniques used in therapy, so a program like Purple Chill could help college students reduce stress using guided audio exercises, for example. Imagine being able to access an app like this from your Smart Phone from anywhere when you need help and not having to wait for an appointment with a therapist. User-friendly gaming programming deployed in My Mantra can help create motivating mantras for focusing on strengths and whatever is important to you.