Pet Ownership on Senior’s Well-Being

senior citizen

I was reading an article regarding a topic that is dear to me, our seniors. As a Santa Cruz Seniors Real Estate Specialist( SRES) I often come across clients or staff that help with the passing of a phase of life.

What we find is that life is a cycle. We often think life is a given, and so is death. Seems when I was young getting pregnant was pretty easy. I was not a complicated event and having children was taken pretty much as a natural process without alot of thought. Then we started having more people have problems with that simple process and all these fertility clinics sprang up. They can now easily tell when you are going to conceive and generally when you are due.

The other end of the spectrum when we are leaving life seems, much more up to mysterious forces. People we know, die suddenly, and others live years past when they are supposed to. When we get to the stage where we are in skilled care nursing facilities such as Pacific Coast Manor , we know that our time is most likely limited. Though one can rehabilitate from injuries there, others are past their prime and their time is near. We find sometimes though, what was the expected time for us to pass into the next chapter, lingered for days.This uncertainty makes it tough on loved ones, sitting bedside vigils, taking time off work, from our family’s. I wish there were a better way of predicting such.

dog for senior citizensAnimals play an important part of life. As kids we enjoy them as our pals, play companions for all sorts of disasters and trouble we get into. Later in life they are our companions often until we get a relationship. Animals have the ability we humans don’t, the ability to give love unconditionally. They also have skills we are still developing and learning. My neighbor has a dog that can sense when she is getting a migrane. She has debilitating migranes. The dog is specially trained to help alert her. I read an article about an interesting animal that can predict death. While this can be seen as a bad thing, it is very comforting and helpful. If you have had a loved one die, the waiting is often the hardest part. See what your thoughts are on this remarkable animal, and about death,and let me know. I think this, while an interesting “gift” brings alot of comfort and is to be cherished. After all, life is a cycle either preceded or followed by death, depending on your religion or beliefs.