Real Unexpected Benefits : Intel, AARP, and the Entertainment Software Association

intellectually challenging game apps

Intel, AARP, and the Entertainment Software Association, respectively, encourage development of intellectually challenging game apps to beat boredom with innovative, engaging games that foster social interactions that can keep us connected to each other. Three grad students who formed Trainwreck Games won $10,000 in the Social Connection GameJam competition for their email-based group adventure app. As new generations of video game developers expand their understanding of who plays video games and why and push the boundaries of video game design, they will be challenged to keep up with growing demand for apps that offer real benefits to people. Accessibility, convenience and cost savings are important features when getting help for depression or anxiety. Making free or affordable interactive help available right on a SmartPhone brings the same techniques therapists use directly to you.

Gaming-programming app approaches are designed to teach many of the skills taught by therapists, but as in therapy, not all apps will work for all people. As often as needed, when depression and worry feel overwhelming from your Santa Cruz home, from the classroom, in the workplace or anywhere, you can find help that works for you in a variety of apps when you cannot get to a therapist’s office.